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Collagen Klee Membrane 50mm x 50mm

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Collagen Klee Membrane 50mm x 50mm

Sterile and lyophilised collagen sponges from porcine origin

Sterile and lyophilised collagen sponges from porcineorigin. Totally absorbables. Compatible with antibiotics. High purity and effective results, better than with other synthetic products. Easy to apply.Highly compatible and without contraindications.                                              


High absorbption power withInstantaneous effect. It is an active haemostatic agent with higher performancethan synthetic products. Total haemostasis without sutures or cauterization.Suitable in haemorrhages in all kind of surgeries, dental, podiatry,dyalisis,... and all kind of wounds.


 Quick and effective tissueregeneration. It heals from inside to outside avoiding false closures and second surgeries. Suitable for all kind of wounds, ulcers, burns,reconstructions,...


 In different types of parenchymaslevels (hepatic, renal, pulmonar, etc.) In soft body areas or organism walls.In deep skin defects caused by tissue loss, serious trauma, chronic conditionsdue to failures in previous treatments. In bone defects and as cosmetic filler plastic surgery with perfect finishing in post-operative healing.


Bloody areas, soft wall areas,difficult healing areas, sutured stumps, unpolished and unnoutrished visceralareas, sutured edges, intestinal sutured edges and vasculars or from otheranathomic elements.

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