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Hypro Sorb M 22-32mm

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Hypro-Sorb M is biphasic, biologically resorbable, soft porous membrane thickness of 0.80 mm for Guided Tissue and Bone Regeneration with haemostatic effect, which can be applied in the dry state.

Hypro-Sorb M is a naturally pure crystalline resorbable sterile bovine atelocollagen (99.9% collagen type I free of telopeptide).


Hypro-Sorb M membrane is used in maxillofacial surgery and implantology in the following applications:

Segmental growing of alveolar tissue
Lifting of the sinus bottom
Resection of root upper part
Filling of the alveolus after resections in protetic surgical practice
Furcation treatment
Cleft lip and palate

1. Hypro-Sorb M is trimmed to the desired size using scissors.
2. The membrane should overlap the walls of the defect by at least 2-3 mm, in order to achieve complete coverage of the bone and thus to prevent a lateral ingrowth of gingival tissue.
3. The defect cavity is then filled loosely with Bone Substitute Material (Hypro-Oss) if indicated.
4. Hypro-Sorb M is applied over the defect with its smooth side uppermost and held in place with moderate pressure. The quick saturation of the membrane with blood and exsudate permits perfect adaptation to the bone surface. Additional stabilization by means of pins maybe indicated for complex defects.
5. The flaps are sutured over the membrane closely and free of tension (e.g. using single sutures, mattress sutures). The wound should, whenever possible be completely closed.
6. During the healing phase stress in the wound area from prosthetic pressure or palpation should be avoided. Intensive mechanical oral hygiene should be replaced by antibacterial rinsing (e.g. with chlorhexidine) for the first 3 weeks. Antibiotic therapy is prescribed at the discretion of the clinician.

* 99.9% collagen type I free of telopeptide.
* The especially designed 0.8mm thick biphasic membrane presents an excellent collagen type I matrix for bone integration on the rough porous side as well as for soft tissue adhesion and healing on the smooth matrix side.
* High degree of tissue biocompatibility with excellent wound healing characteristics.
* Quickly adaptable to the defect due to it is potent hydrophilic property.
* Reduced risk by dehiscence formation due to the specially designed 0.8mm thick Matrix.
* Can be attached with pins and suturing material.
* Barrier function is sufficiently long and is completely bioresorbed within 6 months.
* Bioabsorbable a second operation for membrane removal is not necessary.
* Well documented atelocollagen safety and proven by clinical experience.
* Hypro-Sorb M is a dual sterile Matrix.
* Unmistakably visible rough side and smooth side.

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