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OsGide 15mmX20mm

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Osgide® 15mmX20mm Resorbable Porchine Membrane



Osgide® is a bioresorbable barrier membrane for use in Guided Tissue Regeneration (GTR) and Guided Bone Regeneration (GBR).
The resorbable Osgide® membrane is used as protection for bone replacement material to assist bone regeneration for periodontal bone defects and bone augmentation.

Osgide® is a highly purified membrane that is manufactured from porcine raw materials. It consists of a dense fibre network of collagen and elastin, that prevents the migration of bone substitute material and has a high mechanical stability.


Advantages of Osgide®

The membrane has the following benefits as a result of sophisticated technical manufacturing processes:
High therapeutic safety due to reliable extended barrier function of up to 16 weeks 1

  • Excellent tissue integration, as Osgide® is not chemically cross-linked and therefore has excellent biocompatibility and cell compatibility
  • Very good plasticity
  • High tensile strength / mechanical stability
  • Dimensionally stable, also when moistened
  • Ideal combination with different bone replacement materials
  • Simple and reliable application

Essential – the reliable barrier function!

Osgide® is a bioresorbable membrane, to avoid secondary surgery to remove the membrane. With degradable membranes their stability compared to their resorption is of high importance. Many studies show that the barrier function is often only guaranteed for a short period 2,3 and can vary widely. For this reason, great importance was dedicated to reproducible high stability during the development of Osgide®. Due to the slowed biodegradation of Osgide®, the barrier function of the membrane is not interrupted prematurely and is preserved for 12 to 16 weeks.

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