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12x Assufil Absorbable Suture

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12x  Assufil®

(Synthetic Absorbable) – Braided and coated polymer of glycolic acid mid term absorption (60-90 days).

Needle:  Hr17.4 Round Body

Thread: 90cm Violet

Use: 5/0 Metric 1/2 C.Round Body

Strength :After 7 days from implant 98% of the tensile strenght remains, after 14 days 65%, after 21 days 35% and after 28 days 5%. 

Absorption: Complete within 90 days.

Indications: In general surgery, thoracic surgery, orthopaedics, gynaecology, ophtalmic surgery, neurosurgery, in soft tissues approximation, when it is necessary an absorbable surgical suture.



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