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5x 5mm Ti System Pins

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5x 5mm Ti Fixation System Pins

 Ti-Titanium Pins non-resorbable

The Ti-System is a fixation system for membranes and foils. Ti-Titanium Pins combine all handling benefits of nails and screws („tap in-screw out”):

They are quickly and reliably driven home by tapping - without pre-drilling! Ti-Titanium Pins are removed swiftly and gently with the corresponding internal hex screwdriver.

The thread below the head of the innovative Ti-Titanium Pins and the matched screwdriver facilitate the process. The Ti-System is a convenient way for securing – and removing – all foils and membranes for bone grafting reliably, quickly and easily.


A Perfect Match

Ti-Titanium Pins (made of grade 5 titanium) come in two lengths: 3 mm for normal bone and 5 mm for very soft bone. The pins are totally neutral bioelectrically thanks to electrochemical passivation and contribute to unimpaired healing and uneventful bone grafting. The handy Steribox, another important component of the Ti-System, is used for storage, sterilization and insertion into the setting instrument.

All Ti-System components can be ordered separately, the pins come in  low-priced packs of 10.

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