Are your disinfectants harmful to people or my property?

No our disinfectants are not harmful to people or properties as our products have the MSDS rating of 0-0-0. This  is safest possible rating for Health-Fire-Toxicity.

Our disinfection and sterilization services do not damage electronics or hard surfaces. There is no wiping or rinsing required required after a spraying.

Are there any places you cannot disinfect?

Yes we cannot use our products on wool carpets or surfaces.

How long does it take to disinfect a building?

This all depends on the logistics and coordination with the customer/establishment in question. Our technicians will ensure your turn around time is minimal while being safely disinfected. After our technicians have sprayed your site you can operate as routine within 20 mins. This will ensure limited disruption to your business.

Electrostatic VS Fogging

Electrostatic spraying is the superior method for disinfecting and sanitization as the droplets in the spray carry an electrostatic charge. This causes the particles to dispose more evenly and stay suspended in the air longer compared to fogging.

Fogging on the other hand is simply blowing large amounts of air into a space hoping you cover the target. There is no guarantee of spray to surface ratio.

Does your Disinfection Program cover SARS Covid-19?

The short answer is nobody knows at this moment, there has been no testing done as of yet. However powerful Hospital grade disinfectants are being used routinely to battle this Virus.

Our disinfectant solution is EPA registered and Health Canada certified hospital grade disinfectant. It is powerful enough to kill 99.99% of bacteria , viruses including SARS, EBOLA and H1N1. These guidelines have been officially given by the American Chemistry Council for (ACC) Center for Biocide Chemistries (CBC).

Do you provide disinfection services to homes and residential properties?

Yes we provide complete disinfection services for our residential customers.  In addition to improving your quality of life by eliminating all microbial hazards, our process sanitizes the air and eliminates all unpleasant odors. This will ensure you have a space that is clean, safe and smelling fresh.

Do you provide an Odour Removal Service?

The majority of bad odours present are a product of microbial fermentation. Our disinfection services eliminates these bacteria and kill them at their source. Global MDS’s procedure removes all unpleasant odours from the ambient air, ensuring your place smells better than it ever has.